Projekt Beschreibung

ROLF – Roland Wolf GmbH

The bean goggles.

The family-owned company from Tyrol, which became known for its unique wooden glasses, today produces glasses not only from wood, but also from stone, horn and plant-based – completely without screws and thus completely maintenance-free.


General Description

Innovation and design go hand in hand at the Tyrolean eyewear manufacturer ROLF. After wood, titanium, stone and horn, the creative minds from the Alpine region surprise this year – despite Corona – with a new plant-based eyewear collection. It is called substance and not only looks cool as usual, but also scores with sustainability. From the timeless nerd glasses to the popular Aviator model to the futuristic retro design, ROLF will once again deliver the right eyeglass for every style in 2020 – and it will be fair, regional and sustainable.

Whether as a visual aid or as sun protection – eyeglasses have long had the status of a fashion accessory. The internationally active design manufacturer ROLF, based in Austria, is well aware of this, and in addition to outstanding designs, they are also committed to ongoing innovation. This year, they are surprising their partners and customers with an eyewear collection under the sign of plant power.

Sustainability Impact

Glasses made from beans: the miracle tree.
Trees are nothing new for ROLF, the master of wooden glasses. So what’s so special about the miracle tree? It provides a vegetable powder that offered ROLF entirely new design possibilities and proved to be unsurpassed in sustainability to boot. „The plant is grown in arid regions entirely without genetic engineering, does not compete with food crops and grows back enormously quickly. While spruces or beeches only grow a few centimeters a year, the miracle tree manages 6 meters in just 4 months and sprouts anew every year,“ explains Roland Wolf. This makes the new material more sustainable and environmentally friendly than ever – and an excellent basis for the new substance eyewear collection, which perfectly captures the current zeitgeist.

Flexlock: the innovative eyewear hinge from ROLF
The award-winning Flexlock joint from ROLF proved to be the ideal complement. It can be easily co-printed using 3D technology, enabling ROLF to manufacture its new eyewear in one go and thus keep the number of subcontractors to a minimum. In addition to the high functionality of the screwless Flexlock joint (patent pending), spectacle wearers also benefit from the flexibility, naturalness and skin compatibility of the plant-based spectacle frames. And should one of them reach the end of its life cycle, it can be returned to the cycle without any major detours. In this way, ROLF once again closes the loop for a minimal ecological footprint.
The eyewear designers combine their love of nature with timeless looks and innovative technology. Numerous awards and prizes prove that this approach works. Even after all the international successes and awards, the creative company continues to produce regionally in its home country, by hand and with natural materials – and thus remains true to the three cornerstones of its business: origin, reason, future.

Head of Project

Eyewear collection under the sign of plant power.