The competition for the European Green Award runs through several phases from December to April, which are shown here in its central stations.

1 submission. Applicants register via the „Online Entry Management System“ and upload the necessary media and documentation for participation in the competition.

2 pre-selection. The EGA competition office checks the submissions with regard to the completeness of the documents and conducts a screening of the sustainability performance of the submissions and the companies with an expert panel.

3 Admission to the competition. If the pre-selection is positive, the submissions for the competition are admitted. With this step the entrants are official participants in the competition.

4 expert nomination. The expert panel evaluates all participants in a category and selects the best submissions from these. This is the shortlist of nominees. The nominees will then be published on the competition website. You will receive the nominee label and a personalized nominee certificate.

5 judging. The members of the expert jury evaluate each nominee in an independent online process. The winner is the nominee in a category who has received the highest rating on average across all individual assessments.

6 winner announcement. The Gold Trophy winners will be announced on the competition page.

7 competition gallery. The winners and nominees will be published on the competition page in the 2021 competition gallery.