Europe’s Sustainable Excellence

The EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD brings national and international recognition for special achievements by companies as well as individuals and, with an international jury of experts, honors green, fair and innovative products, sustainable design, green marketing as well as change makers who have done excellent work for sustainable development in Europe.

Promoting Green Excellence

and make it visible internationally.

The EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD is organized by the non-profit organisation European Institute of Applied Sciences (EIAS).

The mission of the EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD is not only to recognize outstanding ecological and fair achievements, but also to offer them international visibility as excellent sustainability players and future shapers through this platform. Especially young change makers with their green impact shall be promoted by showing their ideas and commitment to leading experts, the public and the green community.

Thus, the EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD contributes to Europe’s transition to a modern, resource-efficient, fair and competitive economy of the future.

European Green Award
iFixit Europe - European Green Award

Award Gallery 2021

Discover excellent sustainable products, product design, hotels, marketing and inspiring change makers who have made significant contributions to sustainable development in Europe.

We are a Non-profit Award

The European Institute of Applied Sciences (EIAS) is the organizer of the European Green Award and as a non-profit organization does not pursue any monetary goals. Each participation also contributes a social impact to OneDollarGlases and finances glasses for children in Malawi.

Guidelines Award 2022

The compass for a participation in the EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD 2022. Here you will find all information from the fees to the conditions around a participation in one of the announced competitions.


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    By publishing the award, winners and nominees can make their sustainable performance visible and increase the value of their brand. In return, they receive the Winner or Nominee label to use the success on websites, digital communication, products, trade shows, brochures or other promotional activities.

    The winners of a category will receive the exclusive trophy „The Golden Leaf“, will be included in the award list as well as in the permanent exhibition in the online gallery.

    European Green Award

    Gold Trophy

    Winner Label

    Nominee Label

    ECO (European Green Awards)

    Competitions 2022

    The EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD honors the best sustainability solutions in Europe as well as sustainable change-makers in the following competitions with various categories.

    Early Bird Jan. 14, 2022
    Regular Bird Feb. 10,2022

    Nominee March 15, 2022
    Winner April 26, 2022

    Green Product

    Honors the
    sustainability impact
    of products.


    Green Design

    Honors the excellent design of sustainable or social products.


    Green Marketing

    Rewards marketing and branding achievements of companies.


    Fair Business

    Rewards outstanding fair conditions for producers or solving social problems.


    Green Hotel

    Honors Green Hotels‘ sustainability performance in five categories.


    Green Innovation

    Awards innovative solution with an outstanding sustainability impact.

    Green Change Maker

    Honors sustainable commitment of people & young change makers.

    Awarding Young Talents

    Five to twelve – it’s time for change: Young change makers with green impact play a crucial role in the transformation towards a sustainable future. That’s why we want to give them a platform to show their work to leading international experts and the public.

    Young people up to 29 years old who have, for example, implemented a sustainability project, created a marketing campaign, are active as an influencer or have founded an eco-start-up are invited to apply for the Young Green Change Maker Award as an individual or as a team WITHOUT A FEE.


    Now Open for Entry

    Submissions for EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD 2022 are now open.

    Review: Team Performance 

    The team from Landgut Stober impressed the 2021 jury not only with their sustainability performance but also with their cooperative performance. This is because the holistically lived sustainability here is supported by teamwork, which forms an essential backbone of authenticity.

    New: Fair Business Award

    Awards are given to companies and products that provide outstanding fair conditions for disadvantaged producers and workers or solve important social problems with their company.

    Giving Partner

    Every participation contributes to sustainable change.

    Giving Partner 2021: OneDollarGlasses
    Each participation funds one-third of a pair of glasses for a student who cannot afford glasses themselves. This allows them to attend class and fulfill their potential because they have access to education.
    Because our mission is to improve the lives of as many future change makers as possible.


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