Non-profit association as organizer of the competition.

The European Institute of Applied Sciences (EIAS), founded in 2020, is the organizor of the European Green Award which is a non-profit society.

Rather, we are a organisation that is oriented towards the common good that promotes outstanding sustainability solutions and sustainability designers through competitions as well as through congresses, seminars and studies. With these activities we want to make a contribution to the sustainable transformation of the economy, science, society and individuals. Because we are convinced that sustainable and fair products, solutions and initiatives can make a contribution to overcoming the ecological crisis and eliminating unfair conditions. Our services are not financed by membership fees, but by our activities themselves.

Because we are convinced: charitable services can be financed and realized through your activities.

We have established the European Green Award as an incentive instrument to honor sustainable performance, but also to accelerate sustainability performance in the economy and bring it across society. Because we see it as essential for a sustainable economy that the Eco pioneers with their innovation performance as well as the companies that are relevant to bring sustainable solutions to a large part of society and thus make it accessible to everyone. But we are also striving to create a sustainability body for Europe that represents Europe’s sustainability performance on an international level and that becomes a relevant network for sustainability actors.

Among other things, we decided on the form of a sustainability award because we are convinced that awards not only have a positive effect on the winners, but also positively shape the environment in which the award winners are active. And we see it as our special task young sustainability designers to be honored with the “Young Change Maker Award” and thereby make a contribution to developing their potential for sustainability.