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Bedding Products Loft Green & Loft Green Kids

Loft Green was developed in order to provide best sleeping comfort with a high degree of suitability for everyday usage and at the same time utilize a minimum level of ressources.


General Description

Durability and the conscious decision to use high-quality materials has always been a core element of the Stendebach philosophy. In the „Loft Green“ product line, additional attention is paid to fiber production. As a raw material for the textile cover, we therefore use certified organic cotton, which is processed without optical brighteners and is allowed to retain its natural coloring. As filling material, the series contains a combination of two functional fibers that complement each other in their properties and are both produced in a particularly resource-friendly and sustainable manner.

In this way, we manage to offer ecologically responsible pillows and comforters with no restrictions in comfort or in the uncomplicated care that customers have come to expect from Stendebach.

Sustainability Impact

Controlled organic and resource-saving: The outer fabric is a fine organic cotton percale without optical brighteners from controlled organic cultivation with GOTS certification. The filling consists of Tencel® fibers, which are obtained from naturally renewable raw materials, combined with recycled Dacron® ZERO% polyester fibers. In this way, the resources of our earth are sustainably conserved.

Flakes from recycled plastic bottles with a reduced carbon footprint are used to produce the environmentally friendly Dacron® ZERO% fiber. In addition, this fiber is free of unwanted ingredients and certified with the EU Ecolabel and the Global Recycled Standard. The TENCEL® fiber impresses with its natural starting material. Innovative processes are used to obtain a lyocell material from cellulose that consists entirely of natural raw materials and is biodegradable.

The Loft Green bedding is packaged in a compostable cotton bag with drawstring.

Head of Project

Markus Stendebach