European Green Award sheds light on the horizon – it’s green!

The European Green Award was launched in 2020 and presents its first awards in 2021 for excellent sustainable solutions and for people who are committed to sustainability in Europe.

Change Maker 2021 - European Green Award

European Green Change Maker 2021 

Vienna, May 10, 2021 – When the Green New Deal concept and its measures were presented in Europe in 2019, the idea of contributing to this pan-European approach matured among the initiators of the Green Award. In 2020, the idea was cast into a concept and quickly implemented. Because „speed matters“ if Europe wants to achieve its goal of being the first continent to become climate-neutral by 2050.

Since the end of April 2021, the first 16 Gold Trophy winners in the categories Green Product, Hotel, Marketing, Advertising, Initiatives and Green Design have been selected by an international jury of experts from 346 entries in the first phase of the competition. The European Green Award thus covers a broad spectrum of industries and also recognizes the economic aspects of sustainable solutions with the Marketing and Advertising Award. The more ecological products are used by as many people as possible, the greater the leverage of ecological solutions.

Now it is time to bring the excellent Green Change Makers and their sustainable commitment before the curtain for the first time. Their commitment has a high ecological, social and economic impact. „The Gold Trophy winners are essential ‚purporse influencers‘ in Europe who inspire others with their commitment,“ comments Dr. Andrea Grimm, Co-Founder European Institute of Applied Sustainability and green marketing expert. They drive Europe’s green transformation through their optimism in their regions, by tackling their ambitious goals and putting green solutions on the road.

„Chapeau Green Change Maker!“

The international jury of experts takes its hat off to these established and the young change makers. This gesture symbolizes the first award year of 2021, summarizes Andrea Grimm and means that these sustainable implementers are the ones who move us forward and we can confidently say, „Euro-pas horizon is green!“. Because in the thicket of all sustainability discussions and in the day-to-day business of the green economy, the relevance of inspiring people often fades into the background. But they are the lighthouses of Europe, shining their lights into the future and shaping the shift with their committed solutions.

Gold-Trophy Winner 2021 & the Green Change Maker

  • Biobaula – Markus Winkler (2 x Winner)
  • Eliah Sahil Organic Care – Silvio Perpmer
  • David Fussenegger Textil – Thomas Griessmayer
  • iFixit Europe – Matthias Mayer + Matthias Huisken
  • Juffing Hotel & Spa – Elmar Konzett
  • Landgut Stober – Michael Stober
  • Manta Clothing – Maria Leichtfried, Lukas Fürst, Max Knot
  • Primal Life – Leon Benedens, Paul Seelhorst
  • ROLF – plant-based eyewear – Christian Wolf
  • Schwarzwald Panorama Hotel – Stephan Bode
  • Sonnentor – Johannes Gutmann
  • Studio Tumpić-Prenc – Anselmo Tumpić, Sara Prenc Opačić
  • Styx Naturcosmetic – Wolfgang Stix
  • Teekampagne – Thomas Räuchle-Gehrig, Günter Faltin
  • Undeutsch Media – Jürgen Undeutsch

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Mark Chalmers (Founder, Dr. Andrea Grimm (Co-Founder European Institute of Applied Sustainability), Julie Koch-Beinke (Co-Founder Alternatives), Mag. Martin Neureiter (President CSR Company International), Maximilian Scheubeck (Associate Sustainability Services PriceWaterHouse), Mag. Walter Schönthaler (former President/CEO Manner, Darbo, PEZ Int.), Philipp Steinberger (Head of Investors ClubVenture) und Julie Verdugo (Director of Sustainability Urban Outfitters).

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About the European Green Award

The European Green Award is a non-profit award and brings national and international recognition for special achievements of companies as well as individuals and honors with an international jury of experts green products, projects, events, hotels, marketing, advertising & change makers who have done excellent work for sustainable development in Europe. In doing so, the European Green Award aims to make an essential contribution in Europe’s transition to a modern, resource-efficient, fair and competitive economy of the future. „With our Award, we want to contribute to the transformation of business, science and society by making Green Change Makers and their achievements visible,“ says Andrea Grimm, Co-Founder of the European Institute of Applied Sustainability.