Hotel & Spa

In the ****S hotel family business Juffing Hotel & Spa we are committed to soft tourism and want to coordinate economic, ecological and social concerns in such a way that balance is created.


General Description

As an Austrian Green Hotel, we advocate sustainable tourism development. We predominantly refer to the ecological dimension of sustainability. Therefore, we have been and are constantly striving to make decisions in a sustainable manner, as we are convinced that no economic success can be realized without sustainable thinking. This includes our employee commitment as well as the products used in architecture and furnishings, cuisine, restaurant and spa, the regional suppliers and partners, the area of energy efficiency in heating and water use, the in-house laundry, food waste disposal and waste separation and with regard to the guest all activities concerning e-mobility and green travel.

Thus, we score with our guests with an environmentally friendly, sustainable and hospitable offer and can prove this with recognized certifications and awards. In 2020, the Juffing Hotel & Spa was once again awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel for our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability Impact

For guests arriving by train, we offer a green SPA bonus, for all free e-bike and mountain bike rental as well as two PCE charging stations with Type2 plugs for electric cars and a Tesla charging station.

Our kitchen has been awarded the AMA Gastro Seal, we are certified organic parts, and we have also carried the Green Hood since 2015. Highly effective thermal insulation reduced the building’s heat requirement by 18%, and we take the klima:aktiv standards for hotels into account in new buildings and substantial renovations.

We obtain 100% of our electricity from renewable sources. Heat is produced using state-of-the-art condensing technology. The boiler efficiency is 97%. With the help of a 70 m² solar system, we save valuable fuel. For hot water production, the solar coverage rate is 40%.

In addition, since 2019 we have been using two environmentally friendly 30 KW air-source heat pumps to operate the underfloor heating systems, etc. The installation of aerators reduced water consumption by more than a third. Thanks to our in-house laundry, we save long transport routes.

We process food waste and organic kitchen waste separately via our own MeikoGreen input station.

The biomass is temporarily stored in a 7000 l PE-earth tank and recycled in biogas plants. Thanks to container packers and a double vertical baler for cardboard and composites, we reduce waste cubage and the number of disposal trips.

The employee house built in 2017 is supplied with energy by a modern photovoltaic system and an air-heat pump.

Head of Project

Elmar Konzett