Undeutsch Media eU (EN)


Undeutsch Media Branding Upcycling Vodka Beyond Purpose. Creative interplay of a humorous and cheeky green brand, with the world's best distillery craft and the cooperative will on the part of a bakery to transform old bread into premium spirits by means of upcycling and to position it on the market. [...]

Biobaula GmbH (EN)


Biobaula GmbH Eco cleaning tabs. Through the revolutionary idea of the first and only sustainable Biobaula cleaning tabs, we can cause a rethink in society, because it is so simple that every individual can make a contribution to the environment, in line with our motto "together for a better world." [...]

David Fussenegger Textil GmbH (EN)


David Fussenegger Textil GmbH Recycled Cotton. The sustainable raw material for a cool and trendy plaid made in Austria. Gallery General Description After years of development, we at David Fussenegger have launched a completely new product made of recycled cotton: we have named [...]

Teekampagne (EN)


Teekampagne Intelligent economy TEEKAMPAGNE has proved that there is no need for notoriously marketing sustainable products at higher prices than conventional ones - and thereby paved the way for successfully establishing sustainable economies. Gallery General Description Every year, the TEEKAMPAGNE invites people all over Europe [...]

SONNENTOR Kräuterhandels GmbH (EN)


SONNENTOR Kräuterhandels GmbH Finally, a meaningful dirt bucket campaign. In 2020 the organic pioneer SONNENTOR achieved an important progress regarding sustainable packaging and started a multichannel-awareness-campaign which addresses employees, fans and the food industry. Gallery General Description The herb specialist SONNENTOR started the [...]

Studio Tumpić-Prenc (EN)


Studio Tumpić-Prenc You can reduce plastic waste. They cannot. Humans cannot imagine a life without plastic and unfortunately, the marine world does not know what an ocean without plastic looks like either. Gallery General Description As climate changes and biodiversity suffers, plastic waste is a planetary [...]

STYX Naturcosmetic GmbH (EN)


STYX Naturcosmetic GmbH STYX Hemp Handcream An organic certified hemp hand cream made in Austria which comes up the high requirements of a sustainable society. Gallery General Description With our hemp hand cream, we have succeeded not only in bringing a BIO hand cream to [...]

Grapos Postmixsirup Vertriebs GmbH (EN)


Grapos Postmixsirup Vertriebs GmbH Grapos Green Wall The Grapos Green Wall is a clear statement of the company's commitment to sustainability and climate protection. Gallery General Description For Grapos Postmixsirup Vertriebs GmbH, based in Austria, the fight against the climate crisis is a heartfelt [...]

Primal Life GmbH (EN)


Primal Life GmbH Fermentations Starter Kit - do wild ferments yourself With fairment's Fermentation Starter Kit, you can turn your own kitchen into a cultural metropolis and let microbes run wild! Sustainable, healthy, probiotic, diverse and 100% alive. Gallery General Description FOR [...]