Landgut Stober

Country estate in Havelland.

Sustainability and transparency is the common good.


General Description

Since the year 2000 the Stober family has been seamlessly tying in with the history of the former owner family Borsig and represents with great personal commitment the same social and sustainable values. It is the first eco-hotel in Berlin and Brandenburg area which has since 2012 been awarded every year as the most sustainable private hotel in Germany.

Resurrected from its ruins, the hotel became the winner of the Green Hotelier Award in 2017, as practically greenest hotel in Europe. Today it has comfortable 300 hotel rooms as well as 30 modern, but historic meeting salons which can be used in multiple varieties.

The sustainability concept is a solid corporate focus, to conserve resources and nature, without giving our guests the feeling of having to give up comfort. Climate neutrality has been tested and certified annually since 2013 by Co2OL. Since 2018 we’re climate positive. Regular examinations take place by Certified Conference Hotel and Certified Green Hotel and Bioland e.V.

Sustainability Impact

As early as 2009, we started setting up our own network of regional food manufacturers, who love their products as much as we do. Only after visiting and reviewing the supplier personally, we decide whether we want to work with the company. We now use almost exclusively regional, fresh products. No flavor enhancers, no finished products, no artificial preservatives are used: everything is prepared freshly.

Head of Project

Michael Stober