Makri GmbH

Bio Dattel Schokolade Nougat 50%.

Enjoying natural and healthy chocolate with a clear conscience.


General Description

„Perfection is not reached when you can’t add anything more, but when you can’t leave anything out.“ That is why we at MAKRi only use 4 ingredients for the chocolate: cocoa mass, ground dates, cocoa butter and hazelnut paste.

MAKRi creates chocolate that is only sweetened with dates instead of refined sugar. In order to be able to enjoy with a clear conscience, no additives such as palm oil or flavors are used. Aromatic fine cocoa from the Dominican Republic and sweet dates from Tunisia form the basis of the chocolate.

Sustainability Impact

We strive to use very few ingredients and suppliers as possible for the chocolate, so that unnecessary distances do not have to be covered.

In addition, the chocolates are packed with a sustainable film and an additional paper envelope is packed. The film consists of cellulose – which is obtained from wood fibers – and can easily be disposed of on the compost.

We use cardboard boxes made of grass paper for our shipping packaging. The cardboard box consists of 30% grass. Grass is a rapidly renewable raw material, which leads to low CO2 emissions and reduced water consumption.

Our goal is to use as few resources as possible from the beginning of the supply chain to the customer.

Head of Project

Manuel Enderle