SONNENTOR Kräuterhandels GmbH

Finally, a meaningful dirt bucket campaign.

In 2020 the organic pioneer SONNENTOR achieved an important progress regarding sustainable packaging and started a multichannel-awareness-campaign which addresses employees, fans and the food industry.


General Description

The herb specialist SONNENTOR started the year 2020 with an innovation in the field of packaging. Thanks to improved aroma protection bags for teas, it has since been possible to do away with the outer film on all boxes. While the old infusion bag sleeves incorporated aroma protection made of polypropylene, this is now replaced by an improved barrier made of wooden foil.

With this milestone, SONNENTOR launched a packaging focus. „Finally, a meaningful dirt bucket campaign“ – this was the slogan of the campaign, which was aimed at employees, fans and the food industry alike. The message was „We are Hero Waste.“ This means that while packaging is needed to protect the flavor of valuable organic ingredients, what matters is what materials are used and how they are disposed of. Even the most innovative packaging must ultimately continue on its intended path, i.e. be recycled or composted or end up in the right trash can.

Sustainability Impact

The „unveiling“ of SONNENTOR tea packages saves the environment around 20,000 kg of packaging material each year. Thanks to a thinner paper for the infusion bag sleeves, another 22,000 kg are reduced. The aim of the packaging campaign was to provide an impetus for more transparency in the food industry, as customers are unfortunately often misled here when it comes to packaging and subsequently dispose of the materials incorrectly. With regard to SONNENTOR fans, the focus was on educating them about the packaging materials used – as well as their proper disposal.

Together with an expert, a special guide was developed to support customers in their everyday lives and thus reduce the burden on the environment. Other topics included waste avoidance, upcycling and the use of leftovers, in order to raise fans‘ awareness of the need to use resources sparingly. Internally, a creative upcycling competition was held among all employees.

Head of Project

SONNENTOR Marketing-Team