Studio Tumpić-Prenc

You can reduce plastic waste. They cannot.

Humans cannot imagine a life without plastic and unfortunately, the marine world does not know what an ocean without plastic looks like either.


General Description

As climate changes and biodiversity suffers, plastic waste is a planetary problem demanding action on all levels – from individuals to governments. Plastic is a fantastic material and we could not imagine our lives without it. Unfortunately, the marine world does not know what an ocean without plastic looks like either.

To reach our goal we have chosen the whale as symbol of the marine world suffering. Instead of air and water, our whale exhales pieces of plastic waste – showing how, for marine animals that live in polluted waters, plastic is not a matter of choice. It ends up in their bodies and organisms. Animals cannot fight against the plastic we create, while for us it is only a matter of choice. Change is needed and we cannot delay it any longer.

It is time to enter an era of responsible production and consumption where the only option is life in harmony with nature, not uncontrolled growth.

Sustainability Impact

In collaboration with “aMORE festival of the sea”, engaged into raising awareness about marine issues through art & science, we created a campaign to raise awareness about plastic. The festival, established in 2017, organizes public activities in three main areas – aMORE ART, KINO and EDU – reconnecting the sea and people through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, film screenings, campaigns, beach and seabed cleaning actions.

The proverbial Croatian saying claims that by dipping a single finger in the sea one connects with the entire world. In the same manner, aMORE connects many collaborators, partners, other interested parties and protagonists who tackle the issues connected to the sea, all sharing the common goal of preserving this priceless resource.

Head of Project & Creative Director
Anselmo Tumpić

Account Director
Sara Prenc Opačić

Graphic Designer
Anton Licul Grk

Sonia Cosentino, Lidija Čakanić

B612 Studio

Festival Director
Petra Počanić

Art Programme Coordinator
Sabina Damiani