Hemstedt GmbH

GREEN ACCU MAT – the energy-saving underfloor heating system for a sustainable energy transition.

With our smart „GREEN ACCU MAT“ we offer a green and sustainable alternative heating solution for future generations, whereby the underfloor heating can also be operated with green electricity from an electric car.

General Description

The „GREEN ACCU MAT“ energy-storage heating system is optimally matched to the heating requirements of modern single-family and multi-family homes and is ideally suited for use in energy-related renovation and modernization projects.

Thanks to the double-designed heating circuit system with lower power consumption, heating is many times more demand-oriented and thus energy is saved: only when heat is needed do both heating conductors heat the floor to the desired temperature in the shortest possible time. When the optimum floor temperature is reached, the heating circuit switches off, thus saving significant energy compared to conventional systems.

Sustainability Impact

In combination with an intelligent control system, the „GREEN ACCU MAT“ energy-saving heating system heats whenever, for example, more electricity flows from a photovoltaic system than is currently being consumed. Since the „GREEN ACCU MAT“ underfloor heating system is installed deep below the screed in the concrete, the energy is stored in the form of heat in the floor and released slowly over hours without the need for further energy.

In comparison, conventional heating systems, such as fuel oil or wood pellets, produce vast amounts of CO2 or particulate matter and thus represent a burden on the climate and the environment. In contrast, the GREEN ACCU MAT in combination with a PV system or with electricity from wind power enables 100% climate-neutral and resource-saving heating. In addition, a reliable power supply is ensured via intelligently networked systems and battery storage. The stored electricity that is not consumed is used to operate a washing machine or dryer.