LeitzCloud by vBoxx

LeitzCloud – sustainable cloud solution

LeitzCloud is a small-sized company based in Frankfurt, Germany. LeitzCloud is a File Cloud, Sync and Share Solution and mainly aimed for the German market. We highly value data security and privacy, which is why our servers are located Germany without third-party involvement. In addition, we are DSGVO-compliant.


General Description

LeitzCloud is a German synchronization service and cloud storage specialized for businesses. We put a lot of emphasis on the security of data, store it DSGVO compliant in German data centers and protect our data with state-of-the-art encryption technologies.

Administrators benefit from in-depth setting options, whereas users find a user-friendly interface. This gives administrators complete control of the cloud and enables efficient and optimized collaboration.

Sustainability Impact

LeitzCloud is 99% digital on- and off-premises and uses one of the greenest data centers in the world. Our Maincubes data center is carbon neutral (ÖkoPlus certified), uses only green electricity and has 60-80% less energy consumption than traditional data centers. LeitzCloud helps businesses become more sustainable without the hassle of printing documents, and instead mobile access completely location and time independent. Our payments are processed by an ecological bank. All our employees drive e-cars.

Products for the office, such as coffee, come from fair trade. We would like to pass on our commitment to sustainability to our customers. Therefore we have bought a forest with trees in Madagascar. Every customer has the possibility to plant a tree with his name.

Head of Project

Valentijn Koppenaal (C.E.O.)