Manini Prefabbricati 

Manini Connect.

Manini Connect is the hi-tech way towards a greener, sustainable and safe approach to construction and maintenance of prefabricated buildings.


General Description

Manini Connect is the innovative active monitoring system for prefabricated structures, which has revolutionized the Italian prefabrication market.

The technology developed by Manini Prefabbricati is able to detect static and dynamic anomalies related to the stresses to which the structure is subjected, instantly and without any need to carry out surveys on site. A considerable saving in terms of CO2 consumption, as well as costs and time, since it allows to maintain the maximum efficiency of the prefabricated building, also from an energy consumption point of view.

The system involves the use of high-tech industrial prefabricated pillars, which take advantage of the integration with the latest generation sensors. Manini Connect, through its exclusive technology, communicates in real time via the cloud with the Control Room located in the Manini headquarters.

Sustainability Impact

Manini Connect is a scalable and modular system, designed to meet the needs of every type of activity, such as production, logistics and shopping centers, with the possibility of integrating the monitoring system not only in new buildings but also on existing prefabricated structures, raising their level of safety and energy efficiency and helping to extend their operational life without needing to disassemble them to construct a new prefabricated structure.

Head of Project

Manuel Boccolini
Salvatore Romano – Manini Service Division Manager
Anna Rita Rustici – Manini Prefabbricati Head of Marketing