VeCollal® Biomimetic Collagen Drink by TCI

The world’s first science-based vegan alternative to collagen.

A plant-based collagen alternative with the most identical amino acid profile to human type I collagen, and it is free from animal sources and sustainable!


General Description

VeCollal® (EUIPO: 018575598), based in Belgium, is the first company in the world to develop animal-free organic collagen. TCI designs the formula with VeCollal® as the star ingredient and produces liquid health supplements. TCI provides B-to-B services to help its customers develop their products manufactured by TCI. VeCollal® was validated by extensive research showing the amino acid composition has been designed to perfectly match human type I collagen. Treatment of skin fibroblasts with VeCollal® enhanced collagen secretion by 134.97% compared to untreated.

TCI, as a supplement ODM manufacturer, used VeCollal® in the Biomimetic Collagen Drink. The formula includes VeCollal®, Acerola Fruit Extract, Blueberry Juice Concentrate and Spinach Juice Powder. The dosage is 50ml/bottle, consumers can drink directly from 1 glass bottle/day. TCI applied VeCollal® in the designed supplement products, which created around USD$12M in the end market value for our branded customers within 1 year.

Sustainability Impact

VeCollal® is a sustainable ingredient that has 15% lower CO2e compared to bovine collagen ingredients. Producing 500 mt of VeCollal® reduces CO2e by approximately 12,039 mt. In terms of land and water resource depletion, compared to the water consumption for beef, producing 500 mt of VeCollal® reduces water resources by approximately 6,874 mt. In addition, eliminating animal source material prevents the possible transmission of diseases among animals. The plant-based materials are efficiently converted into amino acids by microorganisms, reducing resource consumption by 30-90% (depending on the animal type) compared to animal-sourced collagen.

The new plant-based collagen supplement offers a sustainable and effective option for those following a plant-based lifestyle or vegetarians. It also provides consumers with an environmentally friendly and sustainable option, fulfilling the growing demand for eco-conscious choices in the market.