Startseite/Award Gallery 2023

Lies Lucas (EN)


Lies Lucas - Young Change Maker World's largest residential green building certification achieved in one go. Lies has risen to the rank of Certification Lead at the sustainability consultancy Longevity Partners Netherlands, where she recently lead the firm as they helped assess the world's largest residential green building certification achieved in one [...]

Vivian Tamm (EN)


Vivian Tamm  Cellular - The Breathing Facade Weißensee Academy of Arts and Design - BERLIN Rainwater retaining facade panels that are improving the local micro-climate by accessing the natural growth of air algae as a living glaze. Gallery General Description Cellular [...]

Vaask (EN)


Vaask Replacing the endless array of single-use plastic hand sanitizer bottles. Built to last, the Vaask touchless hand sanitizing fixture is a sustainable solution that significantly reduces germ transmission. Gallery General Description The pandemic exposed the design failure of traditional hand [...]

Eco-Beauty Lyophilized Mask (EN)


Eco-Beauty Lyophilized Mask by TCI Green design, production in green energy factory & usage of extracts out of wasted peels. The lyophilized mask highlights an environmentally friendly design, with a 100% biodegradable and 24% lighter mask cloth, which can carry more essence, and reduce the CO2. Gallery [...]

VeCollal® (EN)


VeCollal® Biomimetic Collagen Drink by TCI The world’s first science-based vegan alternative to collagen. A plant-based collagen alternative with the most identical amino acid profile to human type I collagen, and it is free from animal sources and sustainable! Gallery General Description [...]

Adrien Firmenich (EN)


Adrien Firmenich Quantifying Nature The only climate-biodiversity financial risk analytics platform for mobilising nature-positive investment decisions & efficient disclosures. Gallery General Description Our B2B SaaS has three functions. 1. FINANCIAL RISK & DATA ANALYTICS: enables end users to identify & quantify a broad [...]

Always Cotton Protection ‚Magic Paper‘ Packaging (EN)


Always Cotton Protection 'Magic Paper' Packaging Procter & Gamble - Fem Care Always has pioneered a more sustainable packaging innovation called ‘Magic Paper’, the paper-based packaging is fully recyclable and made from sustainably sourced renewable materials. Gallery General Description Menstrual care brand Always has pioneered a [...]



“CIRCULAR NETTLE” by MAC JEANS Circular Jeans The first circular MAC denim made of 80% nettle fibre and 20% recycled (post-consumer) cotton; establishment of a take-back system for used trousers and reintegration into the value cycle. Gallery General Description With the "CIRCULAR NETTLE JEANS", we [...]



Paperdent® Sustainable Dental Care. Paperdent® are oral hygiene products made of paper instead of plastic. Gallery General Description Paperdent® is our new brand for sustainable dental care made of paper. Our motto: Paper is the new Plastic. Wherever possible, we [...]