Visibility in these times

International Visibility in Times of Corona We are determined to keep doing what is best for the green community. Because many sustainably operating companies are confronted with adapting to the given circumstances as well as possible in order to continue to be successful. The European Green Award not only wants to promote and celebrate [...]

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We are a non-profit award

Non-profit association as organizer of the competition. The European Institute of Applied Sciences (EIAS), founded in 2020, is the organizor of the European Green Award which is a non-profit society. Rather, we are a organisation that is oriented towards the common good that promotes outstanding sustainability solutions and sustainability designers through competitions as well [...]

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Stations of the competition

The competition for the European Green Award runs through several phases from December to April, which are shown here in its central stations. 1 submission. Applicants register via the "Online Entry Management System" and upload the necessary media and documentation for participation in the competition. 2 pre-selection. The EGA competition office checks the submissions [...]

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