Adrien Firmenich

Quantifying Nature

The only climate-biodiversity financial risk analytics platform for mobilising nature-positive investment decisions & efficient disclosures.


General Description

Our B2B SaaS has three functions.

1. FINANCIAL RISK & DATA ANALYTICS: enables end users to identify & quantify a broad set of climate and nature financial risks. The system also provides suggestions for mitigating or eliminating these risks.

2. AUTOMATED DISCLOSURES: The first hyper-automated environmental disclosure software based on a joint TNFD-TCFD framework. This software extracts vital analytics from the FINANCIAL RISK & DATA ANALYTICS platform. Quantifying Nature is the only player in this industry offering comprehensive climate/nature disclosures that regulatory organisations validate. This is a significant advantage as it prevents ‘double counting’ and ensures data accuracy.

3. AUTOMATED HEDGING: This automated financial hedging software solution looks at a company’s risk to and from climate and nature. It then matches its most vulnerable areas to the optimal nature-based solution.

Sustainability Impact

Current climate change solutions have significant gaps and ignore biodiversity, and the financial ecosystem has a blind spot to access profitable growth from climate change. I believe profit is the catalyst to drive change; our big data and analytics platform empowers decision-makers to make optimal investment and hedging outcomes, thereby avoiding worsening the climate crisis.

One of the biggest challenges facing corporations, asset managers, investors and governments is the need for accurate and affordable data and analytics relating to nature and climate and the risks inherent when these forces interact. This concept of double materiality refers to companies simultaneously facing and posing a risk regarding nature and the weather. This concept is crucial in extracting accurate, actionable environment and nature data for businesses and organisations.

Quantifying Nature offers a B2B SaaS solution that facilitates identifying, quantifying, and mitigating risk arising from the interaction between business, nature and climate. This solution serves the core customer segments of corporations, insurance companies and asset managers.

Its platform offers three main products: (i) Financial Risk & Data Analytics; (ii) Automated Disclosures; and (iii) Automated Hedging.

Several competitors have opted to specialise in the sector’s “Climate” or “Nature” segments. This creates problems, namely due to the apparent interlinkages between the two. In addition to Quantifying Nature, only a few companies operate in the climate and nature segments.

Head of Project

Adrien Firmenich

Co-developed world’s first bankable nature-based solutions with the WWF in 2016/2017

Co-wrote the Oxford Offsetting Principles