Thue Borgen

Renovation that incorporates innovative architectural and sustainability, including a new facade with integrated solar panels. This design enhances the building’s aesthetic and improves its energy efficiency by generating electricity. The building now resembles a pavilion in the park, with an open, horizontal layout. LEED Platinum and Swiss Minergie-A sustainability certifications.


General Description

Modernising an iconic 1970s Swiss office building at Bellerivestrasse 36 into an extremely sustainable structure, seamlessly integrated with the surrounding park and Lake Zurich.

The revitalisation project with innovative architectural and sustainable aspects. The building, branching out in multiple directions within the park, previously appeared closed, especially when the sun was shining, and the sunscreens were rolled down.

The new facade design with solar panels in the façade design gives the building an open, horizontal, and light expression that elegantly appears as a pavilion in the existing park. Photovoltaic panels are installed in a triangular steel construction on each floor of the building’s transparent façade; a design that redefines the building’s 1970s aesthetics. In addition to visual appeal, the dual function of energy production and external sun shading enhances the building’s sustainability.

Sustainability Impact

Particularly noteworthy about the way the building now presents itself after the renovation is the integration of solar technology into the building’s facade. This new construction extends 1.8 meters from the facade, providing sun protection for the interior while generating energy through PV panels. The upper and lower sides of the panels appear homogeneous but are made of different materials: aluminium on the underside and glass photovoltaic modules on the sloped upper side.
In addition to integrating solar panels into the building’s facade design, sustainable strategies are demonstrated with rooftop terraces that are transformed into greener spaces and connected to the surrounding park to delay rainwater from the roofs. This also enhances biodiversity and provides better conditions for plants and microorganisms in the park.

Total output (electrical/thermal and yearly energy yield): Circa 478 kWp
Certification: LEED Platinium
Swiss Minergie-A sustainability certification

Head of Project

Thue Borgen