Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus

Project „Insect Respect“

Insect Respect stands for a new way of dealing with insects worldwide, we raise awareness of the value of six-legged creatures, create new insect-friendly habitats for them and change society: Insect Protection instead of Insect Decline.

General Description

Insect Respect is the quality label for a new way of dealing with insects worldwide. In 2012, inspired by the conceptual artist Riklin, the biocide entrepreneur Dr Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus asked himself the question: „What is the value of an insect?“ This gave rise to a scientific model that calculates the loss of insects due to biocides in the home and compensates for this by creating insect-friendly habitats outdoors. Today, however, Insect Respect is much more and consists of three core areas:

1. raising public awareness of the value of and threats to insects. Insect Respect acts as a lobby for insects
2. creation of insect-friendly habitats
3. insect-friendly training for landscape gardeners

In this way, Reckhaus is changing its business model from a biocide company to a provider of ecological services, transforming its industry and the market. The aim is to save insects instead of killing them.

Sustainability Impact

Insect Respect’s insect-friendly habitats have been proven to increase local biodiversity. This is achieved by creating different substrate types and specific structures for insects. We have already sold 10 million biocide products with our seal of approval and offset the loss of insects in our insect-friendly habitats. We have also secured significant partnerships with companies like IKEA, dm, and Müller, who either use our seal on their products or collaborate with us to create insect-friendly habitats.

Our Insect Respect areas span five European countries, and last year we trained 35 landscapers in insect-friendly practices. To reduce the use of biocides, a change in awareness is needed in society. We have already organized our yearly „Insect Day“ conference six times and became the lobby for insects. Through numerous other awareness-raising measures, we succeed every day in convincing people to save more insects instead of killing them.

Head of Project

Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus