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Christoph Konheisner – Young Green Change Maker


Christoph Konheisner | Young Green Change Maker Project: MySol 3.5k - 2nd Life Energy Storage MySol 3.5k is a modular backup battery designed for manufacturing in Africa, constructed from repurposed lithium cells, old printed circuit boards, and plastic waste. Gallery General [...]

Zendure SolarFlow


Zendure SolarFlow  Balcony solar power storage The Zendure SolarFlow is a sustainable and cost-effective balcony solar power storage solution that significantly reduces carbon footprint and electricity costs by storing excess solar energy for later use Gallery General Description Our revolutionary and TÜV certificated Balcony [...]

Costa Navarino


Costa Navarino Green Luxury Hotel The sustainably driven destination in the Mediterranean Gallery General Description Costa Navarino, the sustainably driven destination in the Mediterranean, is in the region of Messinia, southwest Peloponnese. The destination’s philosophy is driven by a genuine desire to promote Messinia, while [...]

FibreStrap – the sustaianable cable tie


FibreStrap - The sustainable cable tie Sigrid Svedberg, Folke Najjar, Tobias Bergarp FibreStrap - Made to endure, but not to last. Gallery General Description EVLR International AB has invented and developed a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cable ties. The disruptive technology that replaced polyamide with [...]

Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus – Green Change Maker


Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus Project "Insect Respect" Insect Respect stands for a new way of dealing with insects worldwide, we raise awareness of the value of six-legged creatures, create new insect-friendly habitats for them and change society: Insect Protection instead of Insect Decline. General Description Insect Respect is the [...]



Bellerivestrasse Thue Borgen Renovation that incorporates innovative architectural and sustainability, including a new facade with integrated solar panels. This design enhances the building's aesthetic and improves its energy efficiency by generating electricity. The building now resembles a pavilion in the park, with an open, horizontal layout. LEED Platinum and Swiss Minergie-A sustainability [...]