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With every bk World we make life more comfortable for electric car drivers and ensure a positive impact on the climate.


General Description

The bk World is the filling station of the future. It enables drivers of electric cars to use their charging time conveniently and sensibly. In this way, it helps to increase the attractiveness of electromobility in everyday life. This is achieved through the on-site offering. Exceptional snacks and drinks produced in Germany are available around the clock in state-of-the-art vending machines. The lounge with a large viewing window facing the loading park, is complemented by soundproofed office corners and a children’s area with a games console. The sanitary area is modern, and a comprehensive security concept rounds off the lounge experience. At the same time, the hyper-flexible „Qube concept“ is set up today for tomorrow. The bk World consists of modularly combinable and transportable space elements and can be expanded at any time as the number of e-vehicles increases. At the end of the lease period of a charging park, the lounge can be moved to another location.

Sustainability Impact

The bk World is climate positive over its entire lifetime. This means that it offsets more CO2 than it causes through construction and operation. In this way, every bk World contributes to improving the world’s climate. Thanks to complex building physics calculations, it was possible to determine and implement the necessary structural measures to achieve this. The solid room elements are made of certified spruce wood. This natural building material has excellent insulating properties and binds CO2. In addition, a sustainable insulating material is used, 60% of which consists of biomass, such as plant stems and leaves. The large façade is triple-glazed for solar control, maximizing thermal comfort in summer. In addition, each bk World is equipped with a PV system on the roof. This is capable of powering most of the electrical loads. After the opening of the prototype, the concept will be further optimized for each additional location with the help of value engineering.


The jury praised the achievements of bk World as a holistic sustainable solution, because the filling station of the future is climate-positive over its entire service life and after use, the space used is deconstructed again, because the modular construction enables constant further use at other locations. In addition, the compactness of the bk World provides a high benefit for sustainable mobility users, as the empty waiting time at electric charging stations is transformed into a positive and even productive experience.

The jury also positively highlights the fact that the operation of the filling station of the future can cover most of the electrical consumption via its own PV system.

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