CAKE Bukk 

CAKE 0 Emission

All electric – Light, Quiet and Clean!


General Description

CAKE is a Swedish electric bike company born out of a passion for gravity sports, and on a mission to develop high-quality, sustainable performance products. CAKE wants to inspire people, contributing to speeding up the journey towards a zero-emission society, combining excitement with responsibility.

The next level in the category of light electric off-road performance motorcycles. The new Bukk offers a category-leading power-to-weight ratio. The newly developed drivetrain, with the 72V battery and 16kWh motor, delivers 420Nm of instant electric torque and top speeds of +100km/h, with three ride modes giving an array of riding style choices. The Bukk provides incomparable agility, control and speed on all terrains.

No compromises: Everything, from frame, to wheels, components, suspension and drive train have been specifically engineered and manufactured to reach the intended level of performance in riding, durability and overall quality.

Light, quiet and clean!

Sustainability Impact

CAKE’s mission is to speed up the transition towards a zero emission society, by combining excitement with responsibility. Sustainability is our reason to exist and simply inseparable from our business. And it is a team effort, every bike rolling the street, nature or savanna charged with renewable energy is creating impact, enabled by all employees, suppliers and users of CAKE.

Not least, sustainability at CAKE also means to live in coexistence with nature and the people around us and to create smarter, greener, healthier and more peaceful surroundings for all. Therefore CAKE builds products for anyone to explore nature and cities with respect, regardless of age, gender, size or style.

Not only do our bikes propel riders using the finest electric motors available, we also consciously use a modular design philosophy where all our bikes can easily be upgraded to meet future tech improvements or simply cater to easy servicing.

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