Costa Navarino

Green Luxury Hotel

The sustainably driven destination in the Mediterranean


General Description

Costa Navarino, the sustainably driven destination in the Mediterranean, is in the region of Messinia, southwest Peloponnese. The destination’s philosophy is driven by a genuine desire to promote Messinia, while protecting and preserving its natural beauty and heritage. Approximately 8% of the development budget is allocated to create infrastructure for sustainable operation, whereas the building footprint is less than 10% of the total land area.

Costa Navarino comprises distinct sites featuring 5-star luxury hotels, private residences, signature golf courses, sports & leisure facilities, as well as a wide range of year-round activities for adults and children.

Sustainability Impact

• Extensive studies for the availability of water resources in the region formed the basis for a sustainable water management system. Three water reservoirs (total capacity 1,180,000m³) were specifically designed and constructed, fully integrated into the surrounding landscape, and are filled by less than 1% of the excess runoff from local rivers. This water, together with highly treated recycled water from our wastewater plant is more than enough to cover the destination’s irrigation needs, alongside a series of water-saving measures based on best available practices that focus on consumption monitoring (e.g. leak control, improved efficiency). By 2025, we are targeting a 15% reduction in overall water consumption per stay compared to 2019 levels.

• A comprehensive solid and liquid waste management system is rooted in the principles of waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. In 2023 we reduced the use of guest related single use plastics by 57% and plastic bottles by 59%, while more than 200 tons of waste were recycled.

• Reduction of operational emissions by 80% for 2022 (compared to 2019) due to the provision of 100% purchased electricity from renewable sources, combined with the implementation of a series of energy efficiency measures and energy use optimization. Commitment to 100% sourcing of renewable electricity, towards the ultimate goal of our decarbonization strategy, to achieve net-zero operations for the destination’s facilities by 2050.

• The biggest olive tree-transplanting programme in Europe: more than 7,000 trees are replanted so far across all areas at Costa Navarino.

• Positive wider economic impact in Messinia, through contribution with 11% to the region’s GDP (2006-2022), while generating another 80 distinct services in the wider area.

• Climate action: since 2009, Costa Navarino joined forces with Stockholm University and the Academy of Athens to establish Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO), which has been at the forefront of research and education about climate change and the environment in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

• Protection of stray animals: through Navarino Pet Community (led by volunteers among the Costa Navarino associates) more than 200 dogs and cats have found a permanent home both in Greece and around Europe, while the initiative „Messinia Without Strays“ (in collaboration with the Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation and with NGOs) supports the protection and management of stray animals in the region.

Head of Project

Giota Spiliotopoulou