MelOx NGen & VBSeal – sustainable barrier coatings for packaging

Melodea ltd. Bio based solutions

Melodea’s high performing solutions transform the packaging industry into fully recyclable, while shaping a greener future.


General Description

Packages are piling up in landfills, unrecyclable due to use of materials like multi-layered plastics and Aluminum. ESG demands for eco-friendly packages are growing, pushing the industry to meet sustainability requirements. For that, new and improved materials must be developed.

Melodea, a global leader in sustainable barrier coatings, is transforming the packaging industry by offering innovative and sustainable barrier coatings:

1. MelOx NGen, a high-performance oxygen barrier, replacing EVOH and AlOx.
2. VBSeal, a high-performance water vapor, oil& grease and aroma barrier, replacing plastics.

When combined, an ultimate oxygen, water vapor, oil& grease and aroma barrier coating for fully recyclable paper and cardboard packaging is obtained. This is the sustainable alternative to replace non-recyclable EVOH, PA, PVDC and multi-layered plastics as a barrier for short/long shelf life, and is free from Phthalates, PFAs and Bisphenol A, with FDA and BfR food contact compliance.

Sustainability Impact

Following receipt of regulatory compliance with food contact, Melodea’s technology has been tested by key global CPG companies. Such tests have successfully proven that Melodea’s barrier solutions allow for the required water vapor, oxygen and oil& grease barrier properties, while imparting sustainable properties to the packaging as a whole. In doing so, making the use of non-recyclable packaging redundant.

The combination paper/MelOx NGen/VBSeal has been successfully implemented as a replacement for structures combining plastic and oxygen barrier such as PVDC, AlOx and SiOx, in packages for nuts, chocolate bars, granola bars, tea, pet food and other dry foods.

Our customers are from the entire packaging value chain: from substrate producers (film, paper), packaging convertors and brand owners. We see our contribution to sustainable packaging as a landmark in the roadmap for a greener future.

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