David Fussenegger Textil GmbH

Recycled Cotton.

The sustainable raw material for a cool and trendy plaid made in Austria.


General Description

After years of development, we at David Fussenegger have launched a completely new product made of recycled cotton: we have named this cool, urban waffle plaid LOFT. In doing so, we departed from the conventional way of blanket manufacturing and came up with a product that absolutely captures the spirit of the times. High-quality recycled material, an innovative weaving technique and an exciting finishing make this blanket a must-have. In addition, as with all recycled products, we do not use plastic packaging and instead pack with sisal cord – all by hand.

Sustainability Impact

For the recycled yarn that we use for the LOFT blanket, the raw material is already obtained from the clothing manufacturers. For this purpose, the remnants are collected, sorted by color and then broken down again into fiber material in a special process. These different colored fibers are then mixed again to the desired color and spun out again.

Head of Project

Thomas Griessmayer