Eliah Sahil Organic Care

Shower Powder

We want to show your unique company and products to the public and show that we are one of the greenest beauty brands on the market.


General Description

A pH-neutral formulation, 100% natural ingredients and a zero-waste packaging concept. All this is combined in our new innovative organic shower powder in four different variants.

Sustainability Impact

Due to the powder formulation, no water is needed and so 100% active ingredients remain over. This makes the product light and drastically reduces CO2 emissions during transport.

Due to the organic certified ingredients, no pesticides are used and our earth and groundwater is protected. As a zero waste solution, compostable refill bags are also used, reducing waste consumption. Vegan, Plastic Free Packaging, Organic Certified, Climate Positive Certified, no surfactants or irritating preservatives, it is one of the healthiest products on the market.

Head of Project