Hotel Schwarzwald Panorama

Sustainability practiced throughout the value chain

We want to share our holistic and exemplary approach of integration of sustainability within the whole value chain of a hotel business to all our colleagues so that sustainable economic is no longer a conflicting ghost or excuse to do nothing.


General Description

We are a 4-star S-Hotel in the northern Black Forest called SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA with almost 100 rooms, GASTRONOMY, SPA, CAMPUS and SELFNESS CENTER.

Practiced sustainability within the entire value chain has been our core philosophy for 7 years and thus we ensure exemplary handling of resources, regional responsibility and the best possible product quality and continuous further development. Our 70 employees, 40,000 guests/year, numerous suppliers and industry colleagues are inspired by us through best practice, sensitized with information and motivated through proactive commitment.

In the SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA, impulses are set in the collective consciousness for the society of the future, which clearly show the transition from „green ecology“ to „blue ecology“ (thesis M. Horx).

Owner Stephan Bode was already awarded the B.A.U.M. Environmental Prize in 2009 and, together with CSR Manager Stephanie Schießl, acts as a multiplier of the more than 100 measures in the environmental diary.

Sustainability Impact

Holistic, forward-looking, fair and competitive management was confirmed to us by the Ministry of the Environment through the nomination for the Environmental Award. As a climate-neutral company, we draw up an annual CO2 balance and derive measures. We regularly create energy audits as well as 2 transparent environmental reports (DNK, WIN Charter) and created our own SchwaPa Biokids project for 15 children of the local school.

_ Our BioGold status is checked and reconfirmed 2x a year by Bioland, i.e. 90% of all food and beverages are organic.
_ We support 3 climate protection projects through Green Meetings, Green Weddings and the Climate Sow at CheckIn.
_ Our snack garden and biodiversity program is an ecological highlight, as is the givebox for employees.
_ We are listed with Level 5 – pioneering role – at Green Sign.
_ Through cooperations such as SinnLicht or Foodsharing, we extend our sustainable concept beyond the doorstep.
_ Through Global Family, we donate vacations to those in need.
_ Internally, we offer, among other things, a veggie day, mindfulness courses during working hours, the hotel’s own waste ABC + training, an Ecoboard and an incentive system for suggestions.
Guests have breakfast at the Zero Waste Buffet and take advantage of offers such as the Green Tour through the hotel, forest bathing or upcycling workshops.
_ Paper requirements are Blue Angel as a matter of course.
_ Ecological cleaning agents.
_ 100% natural cosmetics.
_ GOTS certified textiles.
_ Reusable and refillable systems have priority,
_ Nose-to-tail recycling in the kitchen.
_ Lost and found items are donated in opposition to a throwaway culture.
_ There are more and a total of over 100 measures that are kept in an environmental diary, from the smallest important detail to large-scale process change.

Head of Project

Stephanie Schießl