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Branding Upcycling Vodka Beyond Purpose.

Creative interplay of a humorous and cheeky green brand, with the world’s best distillery craft and the cooperative will on the part of a bakery to transform old bread into premium spirits by means of upcycling and to position it on the market.


General Description

The products – pure upcycling. Founded in 2020, the startup „hochBROTzentig“ specializes in producing vodka, gin and ouzo from surplus bread. So it’s an upcycling of unsold bread into an exclusive premium spirit, which Moritz Aschauer realized as the 5th generation son of a bakery dynasty (since 1895). He is assisted by the vodka world champion Josef Farthofer who, with his virtuoso recipe and distilling method, produces a spirit reminiscent of gin and named „BROTGINSKY“. The basis for this is the dried and crushed old bread from the Aschauer bakery in Austria. The master distiller refines this with 15 botanicals and transforms the bread into a sustainable rarity in his distillery, which became a sales success immediately after its market launch in 2020.

The third member of the team is responsible for the branding: Jürgen Undeutsch. He has already successfully created the award-winning „most beautiful packaging in the DACH region“ for the rapper Sido, and with this branding he is once again presenting an unconventional branding approach for sustainable spirits. His branding strategy is based on the approach of combining the sustainable functionality of upcycling with a high impact of emotionality through humor and character. The functionality is predominantly transported in the wording as with the brand name „hochBROTzentig“ as well as with the product description „Upcycling Bread“. The product names „Brotka“, „Brotuzo“ and „Brotginsky“ creatively deal with the raw material bread, which represents the connecting bridge in the product portfolio and at the same time plays with the conventions of the spirits category. The brand design is visually supported by humorous and cheeky characters, each representing a product.

Sustainability Impact

The circular value creation approach of „hochBROTzentig“ contributes to the fact that thinking and acting in closed-loop systems becomes known in society and is also established in the mainstream through everyday product use. In Germany, bread in particular is one of the foods most frequently thrown away. In Germany alone, a total of 1.7 million tons of baked goods are thrown away each year. The WWF study „Unser täglich Brot“ (Our Daily Bread) shows that 398,000 hectares of arable land, water, energy, human labor and other raw materials are used for the garbage can. In terms of a bakery like Aschauer, the industry average is around 14% of daily production as waste bread. The bread spirits can therefore save this overproduction of a bakery from its way to disposal and even be used in a way that adds value to the business instead of having to dispose of it at a cost. Here, ecological and market interests go hand in hand.

The branding of „hochBROTzentig“ does not take the communication path typical for the industry and places this outstanding ecological benefit of upcycling as a purpose-driven approach in the sole focus of its brand mission. This is because the young generation of buyers, to which founder Moritz Aschauer himself belongs, are demonstrating a new natural approach to eco-brands. And therefore the Branding of „hochBROTzentig“ begins also after the ecological Purpose. The hand-drawn characters created by Jürgen Undeutsch have created a high media impact for the new brand. This is because the brand new startup was able to attract a high level of media attention thanks to this differentiating approach, and numerous articles were written about the brand, which a young company would not be able to finance under normal circumstances.

Excellent green branding like that of „hochBROTzentig“ can thus become the central green marketing measure of the market launch, if the ecological benefits are delivered to the buyers and they can at the same time build an individual, emotional relationship with a brand.

And therefore the brand creation of Undeutsch is also an impact on the newly established generation of green brandings, which are currently conquering the markets as the new pioneers of the young generation: naturally sustainable, fun-loving & cheeky.

Design & Branding

Jürgen Undeutsch


Moritz Aschauer


Josef Farthofer