FibreStrap – The sustainable cable tie

Sigrid Svedberg, Folke Najjar, Tobias Bergarp

FibreStrap – Made to endure, but not to last.


General Description

EVLR International AB has invented and developed a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cable ties. The disruptive technology that replaced polyamide with renewable materials is patented, and our intention is to produce FibreStrap in Europe.

Cable-ties are a truly global product that look the same and have the same functionality across the globe. This means that FibreStrap has huge sustainability benefits compared to the existing solution, both for nature in ocean, on land and wildlife. Additionally, bringing employment opportunities back to Europe. Our mission is to replace traditional plastic materials with a more sustainable option for bundling, securing, and attaching in any industry.

We have designed out waste and pollution to accelerate a move towards a circular bioeconomy.. Our wood fibres are from certified materials. FibreStrap reduces carbon footprint and water usage by 80 percent. It is strong, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Sustainability Impact

We produce sustainable cable ties to make sure the industry will no longer have to rely on products that are made to last for hundreds of years, only to be used once. FibreStrap is designed with the intent to utilize as many plant-based materials as possible and minimize the environmental footprint in the product lifecycle.

FibreStrap is manufactured with ethical, and socially responsible local production in Nordics with fossil-free energy.
Replacing a fossil plastic cable tie with FibreStrap will give you

• More than 80% water reduction.
• More than 85% of material comes from renewable sources.
• Material reduction: Lengths can be customized; you only use material you need.
• Fossil plastic reduction

If it is not too short when mounted together with a product, FibreStrap can be reused by the end-user. They can use it for binding e.g. bushes, small trees, cables, and other objects at home.

In most cases, FibreStrap can be recycled in paper recycling together with fiber-based packaging.

FibreStrap is designed to have an intended life length, made to biodegrade in a reasonable time.

Head of Project

Sigrid Svedberg, Folke Najjar, Tobias Bergarp