Vegan Food Products

We fight for a sustainable future, for more environmental protection, for a reduction of animal suffering and less plastic consumption. We rethink animal-based foods and revolutionise the food industry with our unique products. We develop products that are 100% plant-based, animal-free and sustainable.


General Description

We are GREENFORCE. We have been researching for more than 8 years on plant-based food and dietary supplements that are good for people and the environment. The next 2.3 billion people (forecast until 2050) will not be able to be fed with proteins from meat and fish. Therefore, a plant-based diet is one of the biggest changes of the next decades.

Our secret: plant-based meat to mix.

Our products are shipped in powder form and can easily be mixed at home. By adding water and oil a meat equivalent mass is created. The products are suitable for everyone who wants to eat consciously and rich in protein and fibre. They can be stored in a dry place and are supplied in sustainable kraft paper packaging. We completely dispense with the otherwise necessary cost- and energy-consuming cold chain and therefore have the probably most sustainable plant-based meat in the world. By now we also serve other categories of plant-based animal products such as vegan eggs and vegan milk.

Sustainability Impact

The food industry claims worldwide:
– over 30% of the ice-free earth’s surface,
– 70% of the available fresh water,
– 30% of the transport sector and
– 20% of the generated energy.

26% of the world’s CO2 emissions are directly related to the food industry.

The restructuring of the food industry plays a fundamental role in the fight against climate change, water shortage, pollution, deforestation and forestation and the protection of wildlife.

Sustainable food production for an additional 2.3 billion people requires both social and industrial adaptation. From an environmental and nutritional point of view, plant protein supply is a key issue in this context. It is scientifically proven that products of animal origin have a disproportionately high impact on the loss of biodiversity, the availability of fresh water, climate change and many other areas.

In addition to the sustainability of our powder, we have placed great emphasis on the development of sustainable packaging. Our packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials and is designed to contain as little plastic as possible. Our packaging consists of a composite of kraft paper and PE. The PE inner layer consists of a mono-material, so we have a very good recyclability. The paper is FSC-certified and thus originates from sustainable forestry. We have already reduced the proportion of plastics to a maximum and have thus been able to achieve lower CO2 emissions and reduced energy requirements for the manufacture of our products.

Only plant-based raw materials are used in the production of our products. We work completely vegan, excluding any kind of animal products. We obtain all our raw materials from Europe, the production is done in Germany with very short supply chains.

Furthermore, we are climate neutral and offset all our emissions that we do emit with local projects.

Head of Project