Inspira Liberdade Boutique Hotel

Sustainable Boutique Hotel – in the center of Lisbon.

We were the first sustainable boutique hotel in Lisbon, creating an innovative vision of the hotel industry and being the “first mover” for a matter that today, more than ten years later it is very present and relevant to all business areas.


General Description

Inspira Liberdade Boutique Hotel is a Sustainable Boutique Hotel, located in the center of Lisbon, Portugal. Opened in 2010, the hotel has always aimed to reduce and promote the efficient use of natural resources; therefore, reducing its carbon footprint was always a priority. The creation of an ecologically sustainable and innovative hotel concept in Portugal was the main motivation to grow this project with sustainability at its base and as a cross value of the entire project. The strategy was always to balance social, environmental, and economic aspects, considering the value chain and actively involving all our partners in the implementation of alternative solutions, which could favor the environment and the community, without neglecting the quality of products, services, and experiences to our customers.

Sustainability Impact

The adoption of sustainable practices has always been a concern of Inspira brand and something that was designed since the beginning of the hotel concept and keeps evolving daily through our operation.

As a way of controlling our carbon footprint, monthly monitoring of energy, water and waste consumption is carried out and measures are taken to optimize functioning. In addition, the Inspira Liberdade calculates its greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis and supports national projects in biodiversity with the aim of offsetting its environmental impact.

Our guests play a fundamental role in the successful implementation of all these sustainable actions, and it is our mission to promote and raise awareness to behavioral changes. With their stay, our guests can support social projects, participate in our internal initiatives and contribute €0.20 (included in their rate) to support carbon offset projects related to combating climate change, reflecting the offsetting of part of their carbon footprint, travel and stay.

Head of Project

Patrícia Marques