Niklas Wodausch | Young Green Change Maker 

Premium Wood Elixir

Premium wood elixir is wood care free from artificial and toxic ingredients and consists of 100% renewable, vegan and edible ingredients that ideally care for the wood with their natural effects in just one application.


General Description

The premium wood elixir from studio moreandless is a toxin-free wood care product made from four renewable, vegan and edible raw materials.

It protects the wood in a natural way by forming linoxin, a hard and natural oxidizing agent, with the help of high-quality linseed oil and walnut oil. This makes the wood more resistant and harder. The carnauba wax it contains, a vegan alternative to beeswax, fills small imperfections in the wood. This makes the wood significantly smoother than would be possible with sanding alone. It also protects against moisture and dirt and creates a lotus effect. The premium wood elixir is also suitable for people with respiratory diseases, as it was developed in close cooperation with asthmatics. It only needs to be applied once and does not require polishing, which saves time and resources.

Sustainability Impact

Wood care products are full of chemical additives. From petroleum products such as petrol to various alcohols and complex chemical compounds, wood care products are far from being a natural product. On the one hand, the effects of some chemicals on humans have not been extensively researched, and on the other, manufacturers go to great lengths not to specify which ingredients are used. This also applies to manufacturers with “natural” or “natura” in their names.

Premium wood elixir does away with this lack of transparency and clearly communicates which raw materials are used. These raw materials are renewable, vegan and edible and therefore represent a clear counterbalance to their competitors, which are toxic when wet. At the same time, chemically contaminated wood preservatives turn the wood into hazardous waste. Our formulation does not impair recyclability in any way.

Wood care free of any artificial ingredients with the same level of effectiveness as conventional wood care is unique in the world.

Head of Project

Niklas Wodausch