Startseite/Nominee 2024

Qwarzo® technology


Qwarzo® technology Luca Panzeri / Emiliano Caradonna Qwarzo®: the mineral based coating that enhances the materials without altering their recyclability and compostability. Gallery General Description Qwarzo® is a silica-based coating that enhances the performance of the material, especially paper, creating a barrier without compromising its recyclability or [...]

Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo – EZVIZ RE4 Plus


Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo - EZVIZ RE4 Plus  Kimi Zhou EZVIZ RE4 Plus Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo is the go-to option to spare homeowners from tedious, repetitive, and back-aching cleaning routines, tackling vacuuming and mopping at the same time with recyclable material built-in. Gallery [...]

Zendure SolarFlow


Zendure SolarFlow  Balcony solar power storage The Zendure SolarFlow is a sustainable and cost-effective balcony solar power storage solution that significantly reduces carbon footprint and electricity costs by storing excess solar energy for later use Gallery General Description Our revolutionary and TÜV certificated Balcony [...]

Sustainable design urns


Sustainable design urns Alexander Hanel The new Rokstyle Memorial brand is the first in the funeral industry to use a consistent design in three different areas. So urn, headstone and grave decoration. All areas are modern and implemented with a sustainable development strategy based on our company philosophy. Gallery [...]



SILENTCLICKS TOMASZ KLAJBOR (CEO AT SILENTCLICKS.COM) Silentclicks - minimizing environmental footprint through responsible recommerce practices Gallery General Description Silentclicks revolutionizes the e-commerce landscape, prioritizing a long-term re-commerce approach within companies. Its unique feature- online in-company auctions for a selected buyer group- sets it apart. The platform is [...]

Costa Navarino


Costa Navarino Green Luxury Hotel The sustainably driven destination in the Mediterranean Gallery General Description Costa Navarino, the sustainably driven destination in the Mediterranean, is in the region of Messinia, southwest Peloponnese. The destination’s philosophy is driven by a genuine desire to promote Messinia, while [...]

Melodea – sustainable barrier coatings for packaging


MelOx NGen & VBSeal - sustainable barrier coatings for packaging Melodea ltd. Bio based solutions Melodea’s high performing solutions transform the packaging industry into fully recyclable, while shaping a greener future. Gallery General Description Packages are piling up in landfills, unrecyclable due to [...]

FibreStrap – the sustaianable cable tie


FibreStrap - The sustaianable cable tie  Sigrid Svedberg, Folke Najjar, Tobias Bergarp FibreStrap - Made to endure, but not to last. Gallery General Description EVLR International AB has invented and developed a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cable ties. The disruptive technology that replaced polyamide with [...]

Soppycid – Reusable Water Balloons


Soppycid - Reusable Water Balloons Rita Xie The Soppycid Reusable Water Balloons are specifically designed to help prevent the plastic waste still providing hours of summer fun for every family or party during hot days. Gallery General Description Soppycid, the inventor and leading brand of [...]