skai® rPET PureLux

Continental – WEISSBACH

skai® rPET PureLux proves that superior design and performance properties with above-average durability are also possible when using recycled materials and under environmentally friendly manufacturing conditions.


General Description

With the skai® rPET PureLux furniture film, Continental has developed a coating material with a matte look that gives furniture fronts a pleasant soft-touch feel with robust usage properties such as high scratch resistance.

This robustness is due to Continental’s original staynu® technology. With a special surface finish, it ensures that the material is particularly dirt-repellent, easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants. An anti-fingerprint effect minimizes grip marks and eliminates the need for frequent wiping with cleaning agents.

This positions skai® rPET PureLux as an insensitive, easy-care and durable surface for kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas where furniture is exposed to particular stresses. The design of the surfaces is described as reduced, noble and minimalist.

Sustainability Impact

The skai® rPET PureLux design laminate contributes to resource conservation not only through its insensitivity, ease of cleaning, and durability in use. Even during production, the furniture film scores points with 100% recycled content in the PET polymer. The fact that no compromises have to be made in terms of material quality, design and usage properties would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

The film is manufactured in Germany under ecological and socially responsible production conditions. For example, residues from the manufacturing process are recycled wherever possible and returned to production. Last but not least, the electricity for production is generated in a 100 percent CO2-neutral manner.

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