COMMOD Ray of Light

Modular Wooden House without leaving any traces on the property

Modular wooden houses reflect the spirit of the 21st century like no other construction system while combining sustainability, innovation and flexibility at the same time.


General Description

The „Small Longhouse“ COMMOD Ray of Light finds efficient space for two bedrooms, a kitchen-living room, and a spacious bathroom including a bathtub on only 15 linear meters. The 63 m² living space forms, thanks to large glass fronts to the sun terrace and also triple glazed wooden sliding door in spruce anthracite, a hundred percent living space extension in the outdoor space.

High-quality natural materials such as timber frame construction, high-quality and ecological cellulose insulation, wood soft fiberboard as facade insulation material and oak plank parquet flooring as well as concrete gray floor tiles in the sanitary and storage room complement the elegant and timeless color concept, which is naturally shaded on the facade in beige tones. The partial wooden façade is resolved in light ray diagonal spruce wood scattered formwork glazed in the Greywood color „Forest“ in a ratio of 1:2 and stands out naturally from the surrounding landscape without appearing artificial.

Sustainability Impact

By using screw foundations, the modular house can also be completely dismantled without leaving any traces on the property. Once the use is finished, both the house and the screw foundations can be easily removed and nature can reclaim its original territory. With this technology, there is no soil sealing and thus rainwater can easily infiltrate. Consisting of a single module, the house was delivered and erected in one day and could be occupied immediately. Prefabrication at the factory is a significant advantage for people and the environment. It reduces the environmental impact, as the entire construction and recycling process is under control. The use of raw materials is perfectly optimized, which significantly reduces the amount of waste. At COMMOD HOUSE, the floor plan is customized and together with the clients, the design team develops unique architectural structures.

Head of Project


Photos: Tamara Frisch Photography