Sustainable design urns

Alexander Hanel

The new Rokstyle Memorial brand is the first in the funeral industry to use a consistent design in three different areas. So urn, headstone and grave decoration. All areas are modern and implemented with a sustainable development strategy based on our company philosophy.


General Description

The urn, the headstone and the grave light in the same design! For the first time, the design of all products is perfectly coordinated. A first in the funeral industry! Over the past ten years, Rokstyle – The first fashion label for gravestones has caused a sensation. Dozens of major awards for product design, innovation and sustainability have been the result, as well as an incredible amount of media coverage.

Founder Alexander Hanel was named the “Karl Lagerfeld of the cemetery” and “pioneer of his industry” by major German media. In collaboration with Alento GmbH, the first Rokstyle Memorial Urn Vessel collection has now been produced. The urns range from unusual motifs to simple, elegant and timeless designs. The variety of colors and decorative elements is inexhaustible. In addition, the sustainability aspect is not neglected, as all urns are made from biodegradable “liquid wood”.

Sustainability Impact

The material properties of the wood derivative lignin that we use are ideally suited to the high demands placed on an ornamental and ephemeral cinerary urn. Our eco urns impress with their thin walls and ash-tight seal. An ash capsule can be completely dispensed with and the process of transience accelerated. All this without having to sacrifice an attractive and decorative design for the funeral.

We use various natural mineral colors in the production of our eco urns. So you can be sure that you are holding a 100% natural product in your hands, from the development to the individual design of your decorative urn – manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14851:2004.

We can offer different materials for the production of urns according to the requirements of our customer. When selecting our raw materials, we rely on regional quality from Bavaria.

Head of Project

Alexander Hanel