Zendure SolarFlow

 Balcony solar power storage

The Zendure SolarFlow is a sustainable and cost-effective balcony solar power storage solution that significantly reduces carbon footprint and electricity costs by storing excess solar energy for later use


General Description

Our revolutionary and TÜV certificated Balcony Energy Storage System SolarFlow turns sunlight into a safe, reliable, and resilient source of energy to power our daily lives. It is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for balcony solar power upgrades, storing excess power during the daytime to be utilized at night to reduce carbon footprints and prevent generated energy from being wasted.

SolarFlow’s PV hub is equipped with an 800W output as well as an intelligent battery management system, storing excess energy in the associated LFP batteries. A single AB2000 battery has a capacity of 960Wh, while the AB2000 battery even offers a capacity of 1,920Wh and can be connected with up to three additional batteries by wirelessly stacking them on top of each other to expand to a maximum capacity of 7,680Wh. Both AB1000 and AB2000 are compatible with each other.

SolarFlow comes with rugged metal housing and is IP65 waterproof. SolarFlow can also be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Sustainability Impact

The Zendure SolarFlow is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for balcony solar power plants. It has been designed to store additional electricity during the day, which can then be utilized at night. This functionality contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of its users.

Notably, the SolarFlow system is efficient in energy savings. For a family of four with an average electricity usage of 9.5 kWh per day, using two SolarFlow batteries can result in an average annual electricity cost saving of approximately 32 percent. This system can be bought either as a complete package with solar panels and inverters or separately. Each SolarFlow battery has a capacity of 960Wh and can wirelessly connect to up to four batteries, expanding the maximum capacity to 3840Wh.

The sustainability impact of SolarFlow is further emphasized by its intelligent battery management system and LFP batteries, which store energy during the daytime. Moreover, the system’s IP65 waterproof metal housing makes it a durable option for outdoor placement. Users can manage power, energy storage, and consumption efficiently through a smart app, which includes a scheduled timer and is compatible with standard balcony solar panels and microinverters.

Zendure’s commitment to providing sustainable and affordable clean energy solutions is evident in the design and functionality of the SolarFlow system. It exemplifies the company’s focus on harnessing renewable energy and reducing environmental impact through innovative technology

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