Manta Clothing

1 kilo of plastic waste is collected per shirt.

MANTA clothing – made with purpose. Fighting marine pollution with sustainable fashion.


General Description

MANTA clothing is a sustainable fashion brand whose goal is to raise awareness about global plastic pollution and at the same time contribute to reduce plastic pollution of waters. So everyone can do their part to make our world more sustainable and better by buying a t-shirt. Specifically, for every T-shirt purchased, one kilo of trash is collected from bodies of water.

Buyers decide at check out where the cooperation partner One Earth – One Ocean should fish the trash out of the oceans. Currently, trash is being collected in Cairo, Jakarta, Cambodia, Rio de Janeiro and the North Sea / Baltic Sea.

Sustainability Impact

The Global Problem – „One study predicts that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.“ (UN 2018). Approximately 10 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year, the equivalent of one truckload per minute. This not only threatens the delicate balance of marine ecosystems, but also poses a potential hazard to the livelihood and health of many people.

Eco-Impact with every purchase – For every T-shirt sold, 1 kilo of waste is collected from the waters. We realize this with our cooperation partner One Earth – One Ocean.

Effective & Convenient – We make it easy for people to choose sustainable and fair clothing, while becoming aware of global plastic pollution and actively contributing to the solution.

Commitment – We want every purchase to show that ocean pollution is a global issue and that everyone can do something about it.

Our goal for the first year since our inception – collect 1,600 kilos of trash. That’s the weight of a full-grown giant manta ray.

Head of Project

Maria Leichtfried, Lukas Fürst, Max Knot