Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo – EZVIZ RE4 Plus 

Kimi Zhou

EZVIZ RE4 Plus Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo is the go-to option to spare homeowners from tedious, repetitive, and back-aching cleaning routines, tackling vacuuming and mopping at the same time with recyclable material built-in.


General Description

The RE4 Plus is a multi-purpose cleaning robot that powerfully tackles basically all floor cleaning tasks with minimal human effort. It also contributes to a greener lifestyle supported by the application of recycled plastics and a large, auto-collect dustbin that reduces the use of disposable bags.

Check below for detailed product features:

(1) Vacuums, mops, and cleans carpets in an automatic mission
(2) Large dust bag to auto-collect 90 days of waste
(3) Robust 4500Pa suction power for thorough cleaning
(4) A truly green product (made with recycled plastics; uses recyclable mop pads)
(5) Easy control via the EZVIZ App and voice assistants
(6) Provides all the essential functions with an affordable price tag

Sustainability Impact

The EZVIZ RE4 Plus Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo is built with sustainability in mind. It not only adopts recycled material in itself but also promotes environmentally-conscious practices during everyday use.

Firstly, EZVIZ transforms discarded water bottles into recycled material for EZVIZ RE4 Plus. Its back plate is made of materials that equal about 16 water bottles. Discarded water bottles are one of the most serious threats to the ocean, land, wildlife, and consequently our human beings. According to National Geographic, 91% of plastic worldwide is not being recycled. By integrating recycled plastic material into the product, we managed to cut down on waste while enhancing material efficiency.

Secondly, the RE4 Plus adopts a large dust bag to auto-collect dust for up to 90 days. That means users don’t have to turn to single-purpose plastic after every cleaning task, instead, they can use the dust bag made of non-woven fabrics that are more biodegradable every 90 days.

Head of Project

Kimi Zhou