Qwarzo® technology

Luca Panzeri / Emiliano Caradonna

Qwarzo®: the mineral based coating that enhances the materials without altering their recyclability and compostability.


General Description

Qwarzo® is a silica-based coating that enhances the performance of the material, especially paper, creating a barrier without compromising its recyclability or compostability, providing a pure and unprecedented sensory experience. This invisible plastic-free barrier technology is highly resistant to heat, cold, water, oil, vapour, chemical and breakage.

Qwarzo® can be used to replace disposable plastic products and plastic films on paper, fabric, metal and other substrates giving the raw material a new identity that performs exceptionally well and also enables customers to significantly improve their own, environmentally friendly, product offerings.

Thanks to its technological platform, Qwarzo aims to become the new design standard in the packaging field as an alternative to materials deriving from fossil sources and an answer effectively free of microplastics and plastic. It helps companies transition from linear to circular mindsets, maximizing sustainable impact and value creation.

Sustainability Impact

Qwarzo®’s mineral-based coating technology has profound sustainable impacts across environmental, economic, and social dimensions. By replacing plastic coatings, Qwarzo® significantly reduces plastic pollution, contributing to cleaner oceans and landfills. Moreover, Qwarzo®-coated paper products are fully recyclable and compostable, promoting circular economy principles and minimizing waste.

Economically, Qwarzo® offers a sustainable alternative, meeting consumer demand and leading to competitive advantage, market growth, and cost savings in waste management. Socially, Qwarzo® reduces reliance on plastics, improving public health by decreasing exposure to harmful chemicals and supporting job creation in sustainable industries. Furthermore, Qwarzo® encourages eco-conscious behaviours, inspiring further innovation and action towards sustainability, while exceeding environmental regulations and setting new standards, positioning itself as a leader in sustainability. Overall, Qwarzo®’s technology demonstrates a holistic approach to sustainability, reducing environmental impact, promoting economic viability, and supporting social well-being.

Head of Project

Luca Panzeri / Emiliano Caradonna