Sustainable Dental Care.

Paperdent® are oral hygiene products made of paper instead of plastic.


General Description

Paperdent® is our new brand for sustainable dental care made of paper. Our motto: Paper is the new Plastic. Wherever possible, we pay attention to the use of FSC paper. Through newly established manufacturing processes, based on our own developments and patents, we have been working closely with experienced industry partners on our dental products since 2019. Hundreds of millions of plastic oral hygiene products end up in the trash every year in Germany alone. With dental floss in a paper box, interdental brushes with a paper handle, mouthwash in a paper composite box and toothbrush tabs in a paper bag, Paperdent offers an all-round ecological solution for oral care at home & at the dentist. The products are especially suitable for those who are looking for a plastic-free alternative but do not want to sacrifice quality and cleaning performance. We will enable our customers to purchase the products online as well as in brick-and-mortar stores or from dentists.

Sustainability Impact

At Paperdent® we adapt the materials used to the product lifetime. For example, our patented interdental brush is produced with a handle made of rolled FSC paper and filaments made of castor oil, offering a functional and sustainable product with a stable handle. With each use, about 4 g of plastic can be saved.

With a consumption of about 150 million interdental brushes in Germany per year, we contribute to saving about 600 tons of plastic. With Paperdent®, we focus on a space-saving design and production in Germany and the EU to reduce CO2 emissions caused by transport. In addition, with Paperdent® we are participating in the resolution issued by the German government in 2016 to increase the share of sustainable products in the market to 34% by 2030.

Due to the ban on single-use plastic in force in the EU since July 2021, we see potential in Paperdent® to extend the law to interdental brushes.

Head of Project

Dr. Louis Bahlmann (Dentist, Co-Founder & CEO)