GOT BAG GmbH GOT BAG ROLLTOP LITE The Rolltop lite is the newest member of the GOT BAG backpack collection. All backpacks are made of recycled Ocean Impact Plastic, collected at the own Clean-up-Program located in Java, Indonesia. Gallery General Description Benjamin Mandos [...]



WYE GmbH Neolign Kitchen Board Our vision is to bring sustainable and innovative, so-called "sustainnovative" concepts into the homes of as many people as possible. With the industrially scalable material Neolign®, we create an opportunity for industrial production with focus on sustainability and innovation. We show that change is possible and create [...]

ARA Sustainable Products (EN)


ARA Sustainable Products SHAVENT With SHAVENT, we want to show that sustainability, comfort and style can easily go hand in hand. Our plastic-free flex-head razor gently and safely shaves every part of the body and the smooth moving head provides comfort and safety, for men, women, everyone. Gallery [...]

Stendebach & Co (EN)


Stendebach & Co Bedding Products Loft Green & Loft Green Kids Loft Green was developed in order to provide best sleeping comfort with a high degree of suitability for everyday usage and at the same time utilize a minimum level of ressources. Gallery [...]

CrowdFarming (EN)


CrowdFarming A new sustainable and fair supply chain. CrowdFarming is a scalable farm-to-fork solution that benefits farmers, consumers, and the environment through on-demand farming and consumption. Gallery General Description Born in 2017 in Valencia, Spain, the CrowdFarming model aims to radically [...]

Odenwald Faserplattenwerk (EN)


Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH OWActive Mineral Ceiling The OWActive Mineral climate control ceiling combines the advantages of a mineral ceiling with the comfort and energy efficiency. It is provided by radiant heat and it is 100% recyclable thanks to the OWA green circle. It consists of up to 54 % recycled material. [...]



EconCore  RPET Honeycomb Core Technology Technology for the cost effective and continuous production of honeycomb cores and sandwich panels based on up to 100% recycled post-consumer waste including PET bottles and other waste. Gallery General Description EconCore has developed a continuous manufacturing process [...]